Seats, Backrests, Armrests

Contact: István Farkas , Ilona Fazakas

We are present on this market in collaboration with an English company, Audience Systems Ltd. For them, we produce products that have been incorporated in many areas of the world. A few years ago a ten-thousand seats and backrests were built-in, in one of the most famous arena in London. A similar size project in the Far East was also prepared for the Partner. In this product group, the widest possible range of requirements can be fulfilled. These may be, for example, an open-air stadium installed on an equatorial area with long-term protection against sunlight. For indoor application  smoke generation is strictly regulated in case fire broke out. These requirements can also be fulfilled. The products designed by the Partner are robust and stable, and are resistant to improper use.

Our company has developed a procedure for fast and reliable assembling/replacing of backs and seats. This system proved its usability during installation of the mouldings . We used a fixing procedure that could withstand any vandalism in sports matches.

Our stadium seats can be found all over the the world from Singapore to London.

Reference: Audience Systems Ltd, England

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