General description of strapping technique

Contact: Attiláné Balogh , Sándor Bartók , Ádám Máté

Plastic strapping bands provide cost-saving and stable attachment of unit loads.

The field of application is any industry where medium and heavy loads are to be moved or where the goods placed on the pallet are to be fixed horizontally or vertically.

We recommend the application of plastic clip straps for the smaller (200-300kg) unit loads which can be used without tool.

We offer two types of solutions for larger mass loads: using a manual strapping machine with a metal clips or using a friction welding wrapping machine where bonding can be achieved by welding the two strips ends.


  • Polypropylene srapping tapes
  • Polyester strapping tapes
  • PET strapping tape


  • Manual use
  • Machine use

Other related parts

  • Manual, semi-automatic, automatic machines
  • Metal and plastic clips
  • Edge protectors
  • Carriage rollers

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