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Nowadays the adhesive tape is an essential part of packaging, which results quick and efficient construction.

Packaging technology

Tesa® packing tapes are suitable for closing carton boxes of different weights and thicknesses and the different weather conditions that may arise during transport and storage.


  • 48mm/66m 4280, 4263
    transparent, Havana brown adhesive tape
  • 75mm/66m 4280, 4263
    transparent, Havana brown adhesive tape

Tesa® strapping and fiberglass tapes are the perfect solution for fixing shipments and fastening long items, or cardboard reinforcement.


  • 19mm/66m 4287 fastening és batching tape 80µ
  • 19mm/50m 4574 one-way fiberglass reinforced fastening tape 125µ


Their primary goal is to prevent dumbfiring at different points in the logistics chain, so all players in the logistics chain can be assured that the product arrives in their original packaging for their destination.


  • 50mm/50m 64007 safety tape
  • Sticker 64010

Marking tape

For safety areas, traffic zones, parking spaces, pedestrian crossings, secure and clearly visible markings are very important. They can be used in warehouses, industrial areas, airports, train stations, shopping malls, sports facilities.


  • 50mm/33m floormarker solid-colour or two-coluored

Repair, renovation, preservation

Servicing, repairing and renovation of technical equipments contribute greatly to keep up the continuous operating of a plant or a house and to preserve its worth. So tesa® has developed a special product group for safe sealing and closing tasks.

The range includes fabric belts, aluminum tapes, PVC tapes. Depending on the job and the product, these tapes are noise inhibitors, weather, aging, fireproof or waterproofing.


  • 50mm/50m 50524 aluminum tape 30µ
  • 48mm/50m 4613 hobby tape
  • 50mm/50m 4657 fabric tape 180ºC

Tesa® tapes offer solutions for many areas of industry: automotive, electronics, furniture, paper and printing, painting automotive polishing.

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