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The role of the protecting tube is to protect the waterpipe from mechanical damage during installation and operation. It provides space for the thermal expansion of the water pipe (the water pipe takes up waveforms in the protecting tube), so it is protected during the thermal expansion from excoriation (pebbles in concrete). If the water pipe breaks down, it drains the water to the foor level, so damage from the soak can be prevented and the fault quickly appears.
In the case of well-designed installation plan, there is also a possibility to exchange water pipe without wall destruction.
Red and blue colours can be used to indicate warm – cold or the outgoing – returning flow.

Protective tubes should be used to protect the heating pipes of buildings (radiator or floor) furthermore to protect and insulate the cold and hot water pipes.

Raw material: PE; PP (environmentally friendly)

Colours: black, blue, red (other colours on demand)

Sizes:     Packaging:
d2 inner Ø d1 outer Ø    
20mm 25,0mm   50m
23mm 28,5mm   50m
29mm 34,5mm   50m

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