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Polypropylene corrugated tubes are used in agriculture in the gardening sector for vegetation heating purposes.
It can be used on the surface of the ground or suspended, or even on the table or placed under the table circulating warm water at 30-60ºC in a plastic corrugated. This is employed on the ground of soil to ensure the optimal environment for plants in colder weather conditions.

In contrast to flat-walled pipes, the surface of corrugated tubes is about 2.5 times larger, so the efficiency of heat transfer is better. Especially beneficial to the use at low-temperature water circulation.

Corrugated tubes are made in one size and two types - normal (Ns) or increased weight (EMs-Step-proof):

Sizes:     Packaging:  

d2 inner Ø

d1 outer Ø

  Standard Customer demand
29mm 34,5mm   100m from 50m to 120m

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